Not sure where to begin? Lack motivation and guidance? Have a goal you want to achieve but not sure where to begin? Or hit a wall and not sure how to tackle it? Cover all your bases with the METHOD Base programme, covering all things required to build your foundations, getting you seriously fit and moving well. 

Enjoy conditioning, lifting and just sweating, then this is for you! We cover all bases throghout the base package.

All our programmes are bespoke and developed based on the kit you have available to you. Fill in a consultation and we will be in touch with a bespoke proposal.


Base programme, but ramped up a level. Full week of programming with weekly check ins to keep you on track.

MOST POPULAR - this is our most popular online programme and really showcases the quality of our coaches. The quality of programme is a small part of what makes this package popular, the coach/athlete relationship created is one of a kind and involves many aspects that will benefit your entire well being. 

All our programmes are bespoke and developed based on the kit you have available to you. Fill in a consultation and we will be in touch with a bespoke proposal.


Everything you need to seriously take your training to the next level. Daily check ins with your coach via whatsapp (or whichever platform best suits) and variable performance measurable such as heart rate, barbell velocity and other variables to bring industry leading bespoke programming and analysis. 

We are working closely with some of our partners to make sure we offer a one of a kind service to our community of athletes.

Exclusive access to events and workshops hosted by METHOD coaches. 

Fill in a consultation and we will be in touch with a bespoke proposal.



Mobility live
Mobility live

Need help developing your marketing platform? Need to stabilise your revenue stream and achieve consistent lead generation? Or improve your offering to your customer and develop your own goals/identity and not chase someone elses? Get in touch and see if our mentorship is for you.

Our academy is a 1 to 1 focused mentorship where we work closely with each individual or business to provide a bespoke service that suits your goal. Our goal is to support you with the years of experience we have developed opening gyms/businesses, gaining access to our vast portfolio of contacts/resources.



Engineering background with a passion for human mechanics and performance. Always seeking ways to develop incremental gains in your overall health and wellbeing, achieving your goal in the most efficient way possible with the resources available to you. Bias in areas of strength and lactic threshold, you could almost call it NFL style training with an after taste of some pretty decent aesthetics. The challenge is achieving an efficient mind set, healthy lifestyle habits, realistic expectations and a coaching relationship where anything is achievable and challenges become opportunities that we can tackle together. 


Taking a holistic approach to performance in both mental and physical capacities to find what is important to you? Let’s work together to elevate the goals and values that are important to you both through training but an assessment of your lifestyle, nutrition and well-being. Specialising in strength and conditioning along with joint health management to ensure a pain free approach to fitness, we will be working closely together on a strong coach client bond to ensure good communication and realistic targets.


Taking an approach that everyone is, indeed, an individual but also that everyone should be able to fulfil basic fundamental movements at a human level leads to a structured, long term approach to training goals. Build yourself on a human level first, then an athlete, then high performance.

Being Heavily data driven and performance biased you can expect the time spent of assessments to transform in a unique strategy based upon what works for you regardless of what the current training paradigm is.


"It's been over a month of following Mike’s programming, and not once have I felt pain in my back, and that is a very first for me. He has made my training to be small daily victories, and I’ve found joy in training again, but I am also becoming really proud of myself. Mike not only succeeded in making me stronger through a well-planned program that's evenly spread out. He’s also dealt with my nutrition and all the health issues that I had shoved under the rug. He goes into details and explains you the why, the hows and how it's all connected, my training regimen makes sense, and that was extremely important to me when I decided to get a coach, I wanted to train well and train often. He has achieved in making that happen for me." - Camille

"I feel like I am developing myself both mentally and physically. The gains and increase in performance are a small part of my progress since joining the programme and having a coach." - Luca

"Wow! My performance has developed in such a short amount of time and I love every single session. The check ins are so useful and I feel like I am truly being looked after. Cannot recommend enough!" - Aaron

"I first met Mike through a CrossFit box where he was one of the coaches. He's always watching and is quick to give you pointers on how best to improve your movements. Mike also provides remote training sessions. Now the beauty in this is he takes into consideration your personal situation. He asks if you have any injuries, takes into consideration your lifestyle and how restrictive you are in terms of getting to an actual gym and produces the right exercise plan for you. What also comes with the package is his willingness to point you in the direction of additional help if you need it, whether they be nutritionists, physiotherapists etc. This makes Mike so much more than a PT." - Nathalie

"Mike and I met nearly two years ago in one of the workshops in London. His enthusiasm and knowledge of his led me further to get in touch with him for a consultation. Since we started training, he managed to change my perception of strength and conditioning training without getting injured every couple of months. Mike has the ability to teach basic skills as well as the ability to create high-level programming specific to each individual's needs. He’s both a coach and an athlete, so he understands very well how to prepare his athletes for testing and how to train them outside the competition throughout the year. I have learned a lot about how to condition my body to perform at my best. I’ve been genuinely amazed at the gains I have made while working with him and I’m excited to see what my athletic potential really is as we’re going into the future!" - Piotr