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Mobility live

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How does it work?

1. Select the class you want to do. 

2. Check you are available at that time and day. 

3. Purchase and download your ticket. 

4. Use the code and instructions on your ticket to sign in to the class a few minutes before it begins. 

5. Get stuck in and enjoy!

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Why choose us?


At METHOD, continued education among coaches is paramount. That being said, our coaches have combined decades of experience with an understanding that true expertise means being able to challenge each other. It is this challenge that continually forces our coaches to grow and develop their area of expertise. Whilst there are a number of coaches now who claim to be a jack of all trades; olympic lifting, aerobic capacity, mobility gymnastics all rolled into one, the reality is that most of these have done a day course or at best a week course focussed on these disciplines. Our coaches have spent years studying, obtaining degrees in their respective fields and ultimately never being satisfied. It is this attitude among out coaching force that ensures you will always be obtaining the best service. 


We believe there is no one programme that fits all, every single one of us are unique in our own right. We’ve developed a platform that provides a product that will never be replicated from one person to another, every single product that we offer is in some way bespoke to you. Anytime a new institution comes to market, the message is usually that this is THE way to train. It's very often a repackaged principal, sold as a new found method. Whilst we are advocates of anyway to get people more engaged in their health, at METHOD we ensure that there will be no overly complicated solutions. Simplicity in delivery and in execution.