MDN 6 Week programme

MDN 6 Week programme

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Your ticket to muscle gain, fat loss and performance.

MDN is a 6 week group course that aims to teach you the tools for muscle gain, fat loss and performance. 

We believe that with nutritional knowledge comes freedom, and the lessons that you’ll learn during these 6 weeks will set you up for success in whatever goal you have. 

With so much misinformation and noise around the world of health, Method Nutrition will teach you what really works, so you’ll have the nutrition tools that will set you up for a lifetime of health. 

The Program

Two Private Consultations:

You’ll have two consultations with a certified nutritionist who can tailor your meal plan to you, and set the road map for you to achieve your goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or performance, you’ll have the opportunity to talk it over with your coach and track your progress in the weeks ahead. 

Weekly Educational Call

You’re invited to a weekly education call with your nutritionist and support team. It’s here that you’ll learn all about a topic of nutrition, as well as share your successors and challenges throughout the week. 

Personalised Macronutrient Guidelines

Confused about macros? That’s okay. Under the guidance of a nutritionist, you’ll be set daily macro ratios to hit for your goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, or performance. 

Your support team

We believe in the power of community, so you’ll have a team of supporters to celebrate your successors, share your challenges, and learn from. You’ll keep regular contact through our 

Pre/Post Workout Guide

If you’re training hard you need the right nutrients, at the right time. In Method Nutrition,  you’ll get a comprehensive guide to pre and post workout nutrition to match your style or training. 

Online Support 

You’re given 24/7 access to all online materials through our purpose built app, where you can browse for content or chat with your coach and team.

Why choose us?


At METHOD, continued education among coaches is paramount. That being said, our coaches have combined decades of experience with an understanding that true expertise means being able to challenge each other. It is this challenge that continually forces our coaches to grow and develop their area of expertise. Whilst there are a number of coaches now who claim to be a jack of all trades; olympic lifting, aerobic capacity, mobility gymnastics all rolled into one, the reality is that most of these have done a day course or at best a week course focussed on these disciplines. Our coaches have spent years studying, obtaining degrees in their respective fields and ultimately never being satisfied. It is this attitude among out coaching force that ensures you will always be obtaining the best service. 


We believe there is no one programme that fits all, every single one of us are unique in our own right. We’ve developed a platform that provides a product that will never be replicated from one person to another, every single product that we offer is in some way bespoke to you. Anytime a new institution comes to market, the message is usually that this is THE way to train. It's very often a repackaged principal, sold as a new found method. Whilst we are advocates of anyway to get people more engaged in their health, at METHOD we ensure that there will be no overly complicated solutions. Simplicity in delivery and in execution. 


"Absolutely loved the 2 cycles and the accessories involved. Definitely packed on some muscle and feel so much stronger with my compound lifts, numbers definitely went up for sure!"

"I feel like I am developing myself both mentally and physically. The gains and increase in performance are a small part of my progress since joining the programme and having a coach."