Is online coaching overrated?

If you've taken your health and fitness seriously, then you've likely toyed with the idea of outsourcing your programming to someone else, be it remote training or personal training in person, to gain a better perspective of where you might be on track and where you might be going wrong. It's fair to say the fitness industry has become saturated and overrun with coaches that don't truly understand the qualities and purpose of providing an online service to their clients. So how do we at METHOD manage and providing our online coaching services to all our clients? See below for more...

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When is Remote Training right for me?

Remote Training with Method is one of the best ways to work towards your objectives, you will be assessed by a coach and we will create a programme for you based around what we have seen in this assessment. All athletes will go through the assessment as we want to know your "current" state rather than what you've been able to do in the past. Movement screenings don't lie and with the experienced eyes of our coaches, we will be able to determine quickly whether there are limiting factors in your body/training that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. Whilst templated programmes are likely to help those who are consistent and have little to no movement flaws, remote training provides the athlete with eyes on that is often lacking in templated training.

Do you have the basics down?

Have you worked with a personal trainer before? Have you had eyes on your movement before? Ultimately we cannot teach you to perform a basic air squat over the internet. It's always better to have a live eyes-on approach when it comes to the basics.
This is often one of the first steps. Movement is often better assessed in person than remotely, it's not impossible to do remotely but it certainly helps if you've been taught the basics in person with experienced eyes watching you.

Are you ready to listen?

A huge component of hiring a remote coach is accepting that you are now no longer in control of your programming. This means trusting your coach to do the best job for you. You may no longer be maxing out each week or doing puke worthy sessions on the bike before you're ready for them. The coach you hire may give you things that you haven't necessarily done before, or things that no one else "seems" to be doing, they may be unglamorous, not Instagram worthy movements that ultimately will help you become a better all-round athlete but may not increase your following. The reality of becoming fitter is often simplicity. The fitness industry has been littered with "the next best thing" that slowly dies off ten years later to make way for its new successor. Whilst these things seem sexy and give an endorphin hit, they are often not about being coached but more about being entertained. Ultimately you have to trust the person writing your programme.

It's not for everyone.

Wait, What? Isn't this your business? Correct, and ultimately we will not be the perfect fit for each person. If the person in front of us feels the need to do 5 extra training programs on top of the work we are giving them, then not enough trust has been established between coach and athlete. There can be fault on both parts here but ultimately it's a relationship that isn't working.
Looking for the social aspect of a group class? That's not something that full-time remote training will provide. If you are working on an individual program, you can still socialise, it's just less likely to be during your programming time.

At Method we realise that you may love the social aspect of a group class environment but still be very focused on your health and fitness goals. This is why we provide a 3x a week remote programming option.

As with any training program, the best way to get the most out of your training is to be consistent, that means as close to 100% compliancy to the program as possible.


Remote training is one of the best compromises to fixed hours and costs of personal training. This is not to say that Personal Training is not worth that cost, but the reality is that few can afford the cost of everyday personal training. A strong argument for Remote training is that you can have a programme individually tailored to you, each day of the week, for a fraction of the cost that it would be to do personal training (1/10th in most cases). We are also very aware that life sometimes gets in the way, and that scheduled personal training appointment might have to be missed. This is a costly scheduling error that has now affected your bank account and your stress levels. With Remote Training, that training session can simply be pushed back or moved to another day. 

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